Birds of Paradise


A short trek through a village and small plantation at Yapmanbaba village on Mansuar island, takes us under the canopy of prime forest where we can see these rare and mythical birds. If you don’t do this it’s like going to Komodo and not seeing the dragons. The sounds alone are worth the effort.


Waigeo (Aljui Bay)


A great area to anchor amongst the many small islands that make this area like a huge maze. There is also an interesting pearl farm here. The welcoming staff can show divers some of the processes that go into farming high-end pearls.


Wayag Area


This has to be as good as it gets for topside scenery, with lagoons and small mushroom shaped islands. A short trek will reveal this island in all its glory, with great abovewater views of the lagoons and islands you’ve been diving in.


KOMODO, the realm of the dragon


Komodo is one of Indonesia’s driest regions. Be sure to include a land visit to see the huge Komodo dragons when you go there.




Sangeang is an active volcano whose steep, conical slopes extend up to a nearly 2,000m peak. Lava flows are occasionally visible on its flanks. This island lies between Komodo and Sumbawa island. Sangeang’s black volcanic sands offer underwater photographers a wonderfully contrasting background for fish and other critters, with streams of bubbles rising from the sands here and there due to the volcanic activity. A wealth of sea life can be found in the coral reefs around Sangeang, including nudibranchs and flatworms.