Buceo Filipinas – Buceo Travel & Tour Services specializes in diving trips to the Philippines & Palau paradise, oriented to diving enthusiasts, clubs, associations and dive centers from all over the world.


Buceo Filipinas – Buceo Travel & Tour Services was born of the passion of a Spanish diver established in the Philippines since 1994 that considers this paradise as the best destination for underwater world lovers together with his PADI Instructor (Master Scuba Diver Trainer) who has taught the art of diving to more than 1,000 students without a single incident under his tutelage.


We have dove the best areas of the Philippines & Palau, allowing us to know and select a series of fascinating sites and resorts which certainly must be shown to the outside world, to delight scuba divers, helping at the same time this wonderful country still in a developing stage.


It's unheard of, but many European travel agencies do not have available information or brochures for tourist/diving trips to the Philippines, it seemed as if this country does not exist on the map for many agencies and tour operators, so we decided to do our part to change this.  The Philippines receives about 3 million visitors a year (many of them are Filipinos living abroad, being a country of over 90 million inhabitants, over 50,000 tourists come exclusively to dive into the waters of this Archipelago of over 7,107 islands (nothing comparable to the more than 90 millions of visitors to Spain, 60 of them tourists, with a population just over 40 million).


Buceo Filipinas – Buceo Travel & Tour Services prepares and coordinates with great enthusiasm and professionalism the best customized programs for diving in the Philippines, for a single visitor for small or large groups, and relaxation or adventure trips, honeymoons (including baptisms under water) and cultural tourism.  From ticketing reservations with the best airlines, transfers to resorts, accommodation, meals, boats, equipment rental, guides, courses and diving specialties, complimentary activities, etc., all for the divers who want to know or repeat in the Philippines, so they do not have to worry about anything else but to wear on their dive computers and enjoy... unless they also want to rent whole diving equipments here...  


Our dive trips can be found and contracted from our website www.BuceoFilipinas.com, through various agencies, clubs, associations and dive centers with whom we cooperate or directly in the markets in which we exhibit individually or in collaboration with other entities such as the BOOT in Dusseldorf, DTS in Madrid, Salon de la Inmersión in Barcelona, DRT in Shanghai, MDF in Tokyo, ADEX in Singapore, DRT in Okinawa, MIDE in Kuala Lumpur, AIDE in Sydney, DEMA in USA or DRT in Hong Kong.


For those who have been enjoying this extraordinary underwater world, we urge you to send us a short feedback/report with your experiences and photos for our Website and Facebook pages.


Our aim is to maintain a close relationship with all the diving community and contribute our bit in protecting marine wildlife which is unfortunately already in grave danger.


Thank you very much

We are looking forward to welcoming you here !!!