Location & Map

Donsol is located southeast of Manila, although it can be reached by road in around 11 h, it is advisable to take a 1 h flight to Legaspi and about 50 minutes by road. Ticao Island is about 1,5h by boat from Donsol.



February to May.

Diving & Dive Map

The main attraction in Donsol is the whale shark interaction. Every year, dozens of whale sharks arrive at Donsol Bay to celebrate a "plankton party". 


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- 1 PAL flight a day from Manila to Legaspi 1h + 50 minutes by road.


- Manila to Legaspi 09:15-10:15 h


- Legaspi to Manila 10:55-11:55 h

Land tours

 - Horseback riding                

- Immerse with village

- Kayaking                            

- Bikolirnaya Culinary tour

- Firefly river tour                 

- All terrain vehicle adventure

- Inland tours                        

- Busulan lake adventure

- On to volcano Mayon         

- City and provincial tours

Partner Resorts

Elysia is one of the newest resorts in Donsol and has been well designed to mix modern beauty with local flair. 



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