1- What is the best time to travel?


All year is good because it‘s tropical climate, only that there are 2 monsoons, Wet (June to October) and Dry (November to May).


2- What is the preferred route?


The most popular and also can be done all year is the 4-ATOLLS Route, others are more specific and have their particular seasons.


3- What are the main differences between high and low season?


The low season is during the wet monsoon, the basic difference is that the rainfall is more plentiful but these are produced throughout the year as it is a tropical climate. The weather has changed a lot in 15 years and during the wet monsoon could be no rain, and vice versa with the dry monsoon. In the wet monsoon there are usually more plankton concentrations and we can find many places where the manta rays come to eat, and in the dry monsoon no more channels for pelagic, but in the wet we also dives into channels of course.


4- Documentation required to travel?


Passport valid for more than 6 months and a return ticket.

No visa is required. You get one at no cost when you arrive, valid for one month.


5- How the transfer from Male airport to the boats is done?


With our dhonis (dive boats), each boat has one.


6- Are there domestic flights to reach the boats?


There are only domestic flights for Route Kandu Special and South Road.


7- What is the port of embarkation / disembarkation?


Always is Male. The dhoni takes 10 min to/from the boat.


8- What if we arrive earlier or stay one more night after the cruise?


There are many hotels and different prices from US$ 60 to US$ 120 per night.


9. Any mandatory insurance or health measure to consider?


A valid diving insurance is mandatory and must be present on board along with diving qualification.


It is recommended to have a travel insurance to cover possible medical eventualities.


Although on board there is a very large first aid kit, it is advised to bring commonly used medicines. It may be appropriated a mosquito repellent for dinner on the beach or visiting the local island.  On the boat there are no mosquitoes.

Do not forget to take basic precautions such as being careful with the wounds caused by corals (usually become infected and be very annoying), and rinse the ears with fresh water after diving because microorganisms can cause irritation.


The security level is very high. No special precautions are necessary.


10- Is there any minimum level of experience required to dive in Maldives?


No. There are three guides on board. Two of them mainly guide and the remaining guide helps those who have less experience.


11- Are dive computers, surface marker buoys and reef hooks mandatory?


Yes, it is mandatory to use dive computer. As you know, the computer is nontransferable and each diver uses his own. Doing repetitive dives is necessary to our control

better if you bring your own dive computer, but are available on board for rent.


Yes, it is mandatory to use the surface marker buoy. At the end of the dive when we begin to ascend and make our safety stop must launch the buoy for the Dhoni. The boat we have used to dive must be able to see where we are headed, because we do drift dives. One buoy per couple is enough.


The current hook is not necessary, but very useful and is recommended for people who like to make photography and video. That gives them free hands.


12- Can I use gloves during dives?


In Maldives gloves can be used, but always as divers and sea lovers that we are, respect the environment.


13- What is the valve type in your tanks (DIN / INT)?


DIN and INT with adapters.


14- What kind of tanks do you use?


12 liters Aluminum tanks

15 liters available for rent- $ 60 a week.

15. Maximum dive time?


60 Minutes


16- Maximum number of dives per day including night?


3 or 4 a day. 18 dives total per week.


17- Which is the usual schedule for diving?


The first dive at 6 or 7 am the second at 11 or 12 am and the third at 3 or 4 pm,

Night dive at 6 pm.


18- What is the ambient temperature and water temperature?


Ambient temperature max 32 degrees, and water between 28 and 29 throughout the year.


19- Wetsuit recommended?


We recommend lycra, 3mm and 5mm for the more sensitive to cold.


20- Do you have diving equipment for rent in all boats?


Yes, we have rental equipment but, being a boat, don’t have the same amount as a dive center. We recommend you send us an email with the equipment details you need, to have it ready when boarding.


Example: Rental prices in the Southern Cross are (They may vary depending on the boat)



Price per day

Price per week


US$ 12

US$ 72


US$ 12

US$ 72


US$ 5

US$ 30

Fins / Mask

US$ 5

US$ 30

Full equipment (without computer)

US$ 30

US$ 180


US$ 10

US$ 60


US$ 10

US$ 30


21- Is there available nitrox, and how much does it cost?


Yes, all the boots have nitrox, price: US$ 10 per day.


22- What is the local dive tax?


120 euros for all areas. These are government fees that may vary during the year


23- Is there any departure fee when leaving the country?




24. Are there menu options like vegetarian, celiac or Halal food?


The food is varied and plentiful. Celiacs will usually bring their own food like pasta or bread, but if you do not bring any, you can eat on board without contamination fresh grilled fish, salad, etc ... Maldives is a Muslim country and there is no problem with Halal food...


25- Is there a massage service on board?


Yes, there is in the Maldives Crown, in the schooner.


26- Is there available WIFI on the boats?


Yes, there is Wifi available in all ships. It cost 150 € and payment is shared between users.

In Maldives operate two telephone companies Ooredoo and Dhiraghu and both have offices at the airport. You can buy upon arrival. It costs about 15 euros all week 2Gb

Attention, only for open line cell phones!!!


27- How many divers go with each Dive Master?


Between 8 and 10 per DM. Option to hire of a private guide is possible.


28- Is there any recommended tour, apart from diving?


We visit fishermen’s island and have a barbecue on a inhabited island (It is possible for the customer to pay $ 10, if it is private).


29- Is there any hyperbaric chamber in the area?


Yes, there are 2.


30- What happens if we can not get out or continue a cruise due to bad weather or boat problems?


We have 5 ships. It has never happened to us, but if is a topic related to climate, would not be in our hands.


31- Voltage and plugs on boats?


220 volts


32- What currency do you accept for extras? Can I pay by credit card or paypal?


Visa and other cards are accepted as well as any major currency as euros, dollars or rupees. Not Paypal available, sorry.


33- Do you have a price list for drinks and extras?


Each boat has different prices.


34- What are the available direct flights from Asia?


From the Philippines and Southeast Asian countries, the best combinations of flights are via Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong (there are also flights from Guangzhou):


Direct Flights to Malé (Maldives):


Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia Airlines (approx 565US$)

Singapore – Singapore Airlines (approx 777US$)

Hong Kong – Cathay Pacific (approx 1,060US$)


35- Services Included


• Accommodation on board, for the total number of contracted nights.

• Full board

• Water, tea and coffee.

• Transfer Airport-boat-airport.

• Diving Program (18 dives on a 7-night cruise and a proportional ratio in cruises longer).

• Tanks and weights.

• Dive guides.


36- Services Not Included


• Flights.

• Dive equipment.

• Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

• Tips: SC 50 Euros or 70 Dollars, IRUVAI 60 Euros or 80 Dollars, MC-100 Euros or 130 Dollars.

• Local dive taxes (120 Euros to pay on board, subject to change by the Government of Maldives).


37- Minimum Number of Passengers


The organizer will require a minimum of 10 passengers per trip to ensure the departure of boats (12 for the Maldives Crown).


38- Cabins occupancy


It is understood that a guest will share the cabin with another guest. The organizer will assign persons of the same sex on each cabin. . If this condition is not possible, the organizer shall inform the agency to notify the client, who will have to give acceptance.  

If a passenger wants to take the double cabin individually, will have a surcharge of 60%.


39- Itineraries/Routes


The routes established are:

• 4 atolls Route or Classical Route which includes: North Male, South Male, Ari, Rasdhoo or Felidhoo.

• 5 atolls Route, including: North Male, South Male, South Ari, Felidhoo, Mulako

• Baa Route 10 days including: Baa Atoll, North Ari, South Male, North Male

• Baa Route 7 days including: Baa Atoll and Raa.

• Baa Route 7 days 2nd option including Baa Atoll, North Ari and Rasdhoo.

• Southern Route (first and last week): North Male Male South Felidhoo, Mulako, Thaa, Laamu, Gaafu Alifu.

• Southern Route (intermediate weeks): Gaafu Alifu, Fomulhaa, Adu

• Kandu Route including South Male, Felidhoo, Mulako and Thaa.

• Kandu Male Special Route which includes North, North Ari, South Ari, Felidhoo, Mulako and Taa


Other itineraries can be made upon request


40- Booking Procedures


Individual reservations: Individual reservations shall be considered those below 10 passengers. For these reservations, the organizer will require an initial deposit of 30% in a period not exceeding 10 days from the date of reservation. The remaining 70% will be paid 45 days before the cruise departure.


Group reservations: Group reservations shall be considered those of 10 or more passengers. For these reservations, the organizer will require an initial deposit of US$ 2,000. A second payment, to complete 30% of the total amount 120 days before the cruise departure. The final payment will be made 45 days before the cruise departure.


40- Reductions in group participants

A group may reduce the number of passengers (by 1 passenger) without charge, up to 121 days before the start of the trip. From that date, it will be considered 100% of the reservation made. The following group cancellation policy shall apply


41- Cancellations



30% if cancellation occurs between 45 and 120 days before the cruise.

100% if cancellation occurs 45 days or less before the departure.


Groups (no full boat):

From the time of booking confirmation, the deposit will not be refunded.

30% if cancellation occurs between 45 and 120 days before the cruise.

100% if cancellation occurs less than 45 days before the start date of the cruise.


Groups (full boat - Full Charter):

From the time of booking confirmation, the deposit will not be refunded.

30% if cancellation occurs between 45 and 120 days before the cruise.

100% of a minimum of 14 slots if cancellation occurs between 44 and 30 days before the cruise.


42- Do I need an adapter for electric appliances?


The electrical system is 220v and 110v.

Maldives plugs have three pins. On board we have European adapters, multiple power extension cords and a wide area for electrical charges


But if anyone needs to use many outlets, better bring your own multiple power extension cords.


43- What currency is used in Maldives?


The currency in the Republic of Maldives is the Rufiyya (MVR) but also used American Dollars.

Souvenirs shops, where you can buy gifts, accept Euros.

The change of the dollar to Maldivian Rufiyya is $ 1 = 15.42 MVR. For 1 € varies between 18 and 21 MVR. On board you can not pay by card, it must be in cash.

Actually if you have dollars or Euros is not necessary to switch to the local currency.

Maldives does not accept old dollars (only valid post-2009 editions).



44- How can I combine my holidays with other dive destinations?


Please contact us at Buceo Travel & Tour Services, we will be happy to arrange a personalized extension dive tour for you (including domestic flight tickets, transfers, accommodation, diving, etc.) to many other destinations in the Philippines (like Alona, Apo, Cabilao, Coron, Donsol, Dumaguete, El Nido, Malapascua, Moalboal, Tubbataha, etc) and Palau, with our associated / partner resorts and live aboards.



Please feel free to contact us for any other questions or information you may need…