Kasai Village Dive and Spa Resort


The resort is perfectly suited for diving and other water sport activities. On exciting excursions with jungle trips, cave exploring, motorcycle riding in the mountains, hill walking to the waterfalls and hot springs and much more, you will get to know the diversity of the amazing Island of Cebu. Alternatively, Kasai Village Resort is equally suited for romantics and those who just want to relax.



- International and local cuisine in a special place with Sea View.

- Enjoy our drinks on the Rock Bar with Sea View.


SPA, Pool, Beach


Dive Center

- Complete SSI Dive Center, 3 boats, instructors & dive masters

- Nitrox & Air fills

- Recreational, Tec Diving and Rebreather

- Special Diving: Diving for disabled people

- Dive Academy 

- Diving & Snorkeling Equipments

- 12 liters tanks with INT and some DIN valves ( 8 & 15 liters tanks, upon request)

- Unlimited dive time (up to 4 dives a day)