Pura Vida Resort


The spacious beach resort is located in Dauin, 15km south of Dumaguete City on Negros Island, opened in 2004. The facility is built from divers for divers and is under Swiss management. The beach restaurant above the dive center with nice view of the beach, sea and the resort, offers Asian and international delicatessen. After diving you can enjoy a “deco-beer” or a tropical drink at by the pool bar.


Dive Center


- Complete PADI Dive Center, boats, instructors & dive masters

- Nitrox & Air fills

- Diving courses class room

- Diving & Snorkeling Equipments

- 12 liters tanks with INT connections and some DIN valves (15 liters tanks, upon request)

- 2 full sets for children including 8 liters tanks

- SOLA Blue light torches for Fluoro Dives

- Unlimited dive time (up to 4 dives a day)