Palau Dive Sites


Palau, about 2 hours flight from Manila, is home to over 700 coral species (400 hard corals) and more than 1,300 species of fishes. This is testimony to the fact that warm tropical waters of Palau (usually about 29 ° C) are more diverse marine life that elsewhere in Micronesia. With over 60 dive sites and 60 wrecks there are a wide variety of dive sites. Whether the strong currents found in "the blue corner ", the beautiful hard coral gardens, stunning soft corals Big Drop-Off or even visually stunning Blue Hole, there are dive sites to any level for everyone. With creatures ranging from mantas, sharks, nautilus and all the way down to see the spawning of corals, huge schools of Moorish idols and fish unicorn, turtles, groupers and snappers spawning (Red Snappers), laying eggs giant cuttlefish, mandarin fish and nudibranchs in Palau there is always something new to see. You will find here not only some of the best and most famous dive sites in the world, also a variety of dive sites including wrecks, caves and caverns (including whales and dugongs). 





Sanctuary Dive Fees


  • 50US$ for Palau dive sites (for 10 days)
  • 50US$ for Jelly Fish Lake (snorkeling)
  • 20US$ for Peleliu dive sites (for 14 days)